The process of narrowing down on the design can be a daunting task when it comes time to remodeling your bathroom.  No matter how much efforts you put into the design, there is always “something else” that could be added.  It’s important to take the time and set goals on your remodel while completing the project on time and within the budget.



A.    Timeline - Determine the time frame that you have to complete your project and create a timeline.  Account for custom products that may require extra time ship or build.  Stay on track.  Not meeting these timelines may result in a delay on your remodel.  (Ex: By June 3rd, I must make a decision on the products.   By June 7th, I must purchase it. etc)

B.    Plan B – In case problems arise or the product is damaged, defective or out of stock, choose an alternate product that is suitable as a backup

C.    Budget – Set a real and reasonable budget for your project remodel and try to stick to it.  Did you know that most remodeling projects go over the budget?

D.    Set a reserve budget – In case the project goes over the budget due to unforeseen events, a reserve budget will   help bail you and avoid the unnecessary stress and roadblocks.  A good rule of thumb is to set a reserve budget of 20%.

E.    Use a spreadsheet for the timeline and budget



A.    Measure your bathroom

o    Hand sketch the floor plan

o    Utilize simple math to determine the maximum size of your fixtures

B.    Choose a style

o    Understand what you like through design inspirations.  Be sure to cut out pictures from magazines or print them from online websites

o    Choose a design style or theme that love and utilize these filters as you search for the products

C.    Ask the Questions – Be sure that all of your product questions or concerns are answered by the retailer and your installation questions are answered by your contractor before the purchase.

D.    Purchase and Delivery - Make the purchase and track the shipment delivery dates.  Follow all receiving instructions as these are critical to receiving the correct product on time and in good condition.

E.    Installation – Certain items can be installed by the homeowners while other plumbing products must be installed by a licensed professional to qualify for product warranty. 



Chances are this may not be the last time you’ve completed a project.  It’s important to look back on the project and where things went well and where things didn’t go so well.  Examine if you’ve met the goals that you’d hope to achieve. 


I hope the detailed planning has helped you receive a satisfactory goal and I hope the experience will come in handy for more projects down the road.