FAQ & Glossary

What type of vanities do you sell?
     - We sell all types of bathroom vanities from modern to antique designs.  Most models are free standing while some models are designed to wall mount.  Luxury Bath Vanity offers a huge selection of products.  Most importantly, we only carry quality products by narrowing down and displaying only the top brand selections.

How can I tell the quality of the vanities?
     - Since we only carry the top quality brands, you can feel safe with the product choices from our website.  We will not sacrifice our customer realtionship by listing a low quality product under industry standard.  Please feel free to contact us if there's a product that you have concerns about.

How do I narrow down my vanity search?
     - Please use the catagory filters to narrow down to the choices that best fit your needs.  You can also use the search button.

Can I buy a mirror from another vanity?
     - Some manufacturers include a mirror with the vanity set while others do not.  Please view the product description to identify if the product comes with a mirror.   Note:  when purchasing a mirror by itself, the cost of the freight may be more than the cost of the mirror itself.  Please consider purchasing a mirror at the same time as purchasing the vanity since all vanities prices includes free delivery.

Is the warranty information delivered from the manufacturer with the vanity?
     - Warranty information is included with the product by the manufacturer.  All product defects are covered under the manufacturer's policy.  Damaged products are not covered by the policy.  It is important that you inspect the product at the time of delivery to ensure there are no damages to the product.

What is rubberwood?
     - Rubberwood is a tree type from the maple family group.  It's very durable and makes excellent furniture.  Due to the multiple usage and benefits of the rubberwood, it has been classified as eco-friendly making it the top choice for bathroom vanity production.

What is a veneer?
     - Wood veneer is a thin natural wood covering that is applied to cabinet doors and cabinet frame.  Veneers comes in various thickness, colors and designs.  Veneers ofters an wide range of alternative solution to the costly solid wood staining method.

Are the colors in the picture what I can expect the vanity and countertop to look like?
     - Most of the vanities provided by the manufacturers are hand-made.  This quality craftsmanship comes with a small tolerance in color and size.  Typically, the size tolerance is 0.25 iches and approximately a 5% color variation.  Please note that computer monitor colors also varies and flash photography also slighty differs from in person color.  Althought these are minor issues, we want to be honest an clear about the variations.  Please contact our customer service representative if you questions with exact sizing and perfect color matching.

What does it mean that the vanity is sealed?
     - A sealed countertop means that it has been treated with a stain-resisting sealer top coat.  We highly recommend that you seal the countertop once per year to protect and maintain the natural stone for a lifetime to come.  Most artificial man-made countertop do not require sealing.

Can you customize any of your vanities?
     - Most of our vanities are pre-made by the manufacturer at a high volume to provide a quality product at a competitive price.  The currently manufacturers do not offer customization to the products.

What if I have a problem with my vanity after the warranty period?
     - Please call us directly with the product issues.  We're here to help and with our expertise, we'll be able to help by leveraging with the manufacturer or by providing resourcable repair solutions.

Do you have touch-up kits in case the vanity has a scratch?
     - Most manufacturers offers touch kits for scratch repairing.  Furniture repair is actually very common.  There are a wide variety of touch up markers and colored wax sticks that can bring back the product to new conditions.

Can I order any vanity without the countertop?
     - Some vanities come with the countertop pre-glued while others are sold separately.  Please contact us for assistance.

Are glass countertops tempered glass?
     - All glass countertops are tempered.  When the glass fails, it is designed to safely break into thousands of small pieces without large sharp shards.  This type of glass is similar to business store front glass or car windshields.  

Do all vanities come with a faucet, mirror and sink included?
     - Depending on the set.  Please view the product description.

Should I purchase a single vanity or a double bathroom vanity?
     - If you have the space, purchase for a double sink vanity.  Time is money.  Waiting for another person to brush their teeth and hogging the bathroom is waiting money.  Dont' waste money, purchase a double sink vanity.  Good logic?

Which measurements do I need for vanity cabinets?
     - Width (from left to right), Depth (from front to back) and Height (from top to bottom)