Receiving the Shipment

We're committed to providing the best possible service in the industry. Our freight carriers are selected through strict guidelines for quality and service. If you have a concern regarding delivery, please call us and we'll be able to assist you in details.

The majority of our customer shipments are large items with high value.  Freight carriers specializing in furniture often deliver them.  Freight shipments are different from small parcel shipments and require a particular set of receiving procedures.

Please carefully follow our guidelines for a hassle free shipment.

The carrier will call you at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a delivery time frame.  Due to the high value of the contents, an adult consignee must be available to receive and inspect for the pallet.  The carrier will not leave the package in front of your house without an authorized cosignee signature.  It is important that the consignee fully understand the receiving procedures.

Our packages are shipped in perfect conditions from the warehouse and we want to ensure that you receive the items in the same manner. We will hold the carrier and their drivers accountable for any damages that may have occurred in their possession.  

We do not live in a perfect world and shipping damages do occur.  In the rare occasion that you receive damaged packages, please do the following:

(1)     If the box does not arrive in perfect condition, you must notate “damaged” on the delivery receipt of any damaged carton, even if you think the internal contents are good.  Remember, small carton damage from a large machine forklift may result in major internal product damage.  Don't assume, always inspect and note any content and box damages.

(2)     Only REFUSE material that is damaged on arrival.  We recommend that you accept the intact portion of your shipment and refuse damaged cartons. This will help us expedite the replacement process.

(3)     DO NOT DISCARD the damaged material. Once reported, the damaged material is the property of the carrier and they have 30 days to decide if they wish to inspect, pick-up or discard the material.


These are examples of what the box looks like when it’s ready for shipping. As you can tell the boxes are in perfect condition and are shrink- wrapped to the pallet.

These are examples of damaged boxes that have to be noted in the delivery receipt.

This is an example of the correct way to sign for damage.

(4)     If you fail to note visible damage or missing items on the driver's bill of lading or if you later refuse to allow the damaged item(s) to be inspected by the freight company for any reason, we will be unable to file a claim against the carrier and you will be responsible for replacement costs and shipping charges. Freight companies reserve the right to examine the damaged material. Damaged items once inspected, becomes the property of the freight company so do not dispose of any damaged items unless instructed to do so.

(5)     If you sign the Bill of Lading without any damage indication and later you will find out that product is damagedno one will be liable but you, the consumer.  It sounds harsh, but this measure is put in place by shipping carriers to prevent customers from reporting damage 1 hour or 1 month later and blaming it on the shipping carrier.

(6)      Once you sign the receipt “clean” (meaning no notation of damages has been made on the delivery ticket), then the shipping carrier will state that this is now your property and will refuse to acknowledge any damages to the product.  The driver will never point out the small print, something like: “Received in Good Condition As Noted.”  Carriers often will claim that the item may have been damaged while in the possession of your property.  Remember, if the item is severely damaged, you may refuse the shipment!  You do not have to accept anything that you are not comfortable accepting.  Simply refuse the shipment and call us immediately for assistance.  Let us help you so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle.  

Damages rarely happen, but when it does, we've fully equipped you with the knowledge and instructions to properly receive the shipment.  
Please inspect the items as soon as they are unpacked and note any issues on the delivery receipt. In case the item arrives damaged please make sure you keep all packaging material intact and contact us immediately at 1-844-9-VANITY.